Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fix for iPod Classic / 3G Nano menus bug!

After lots of investigation, I have a working version of SharePod which doesn't break the menus on iPod Classics and 3G Nanos.

It will be out this week :)

Phew, Apple, that was a tricky one!


Al Munro said...

Hi, I sent an email to your gmail account, not sure if you picked it up. I'm looking for some bespoke software designed to work like Sharepod for a client. Can you email me at with your contact details and I can give you more details.


Serge said...

Have ipod nano 4GB.
Using sharepod v3.6.
Can't add files from "Main" list to "myplaylist" by drag and drop. Dragging files from "Myplaylist" to "Myplaylist1" also not working.

Very good program - Thank you very mach.

Rich said...

Is this perchance a bug where the only way to get to a tune is to serially step through all the songs in turn? Any menu click from any where else just resumes what is currently playing? My 3G Nano has had this problem since 3.6.1 but I've lived with it. Would be wonderful to have a fix. Thanks

Jeff said...

Yep rich, that is the bug that is fixed in 3.6.2. :)

Serge, I've just noticed this myself, will be fixed in 3.6.2 :)

DGG said...

Hi, I just discover this app and looks great, but havent make it to work yet.

I have a 5th Gen/30Gb Ipod and 3 diferent laptops: 2 Dells (XPS M1330, Latitude D380) with Vista Home Premium and a Compaq R3000 with XP Home Edition SP2.

I have .net Framework 2.0 in XP and I understand that is a core component in Vista.

SharePod was downloaded and decompresed in the iPod Drive using my DELL XPS M1330 w/Vista.

Then executed SharePod from the iPod drive. The main screen loaded perfectly, I was able to modify tags on the fly, listen to tunes right from my iPod (WOW), and then wanted to upload new tracks to my iPod, clicked on "Copy to Ipod" and a new screen popped up where I was able to select either files or folders, picked some folders and clicked OK, accepted some confirmations and voila a Windows Vista error screen came up, I just closed it and tried several times with the same result.

As I knew SharePod was on my iPod drive I changed Laptop to a brand new Latitude D380, same thing. So, as I'm barely new in Vista, took my old friend Compaq XP and tried again. Guess what? it happen again, but this time I had a chance to see the error report and get some screen shots which I'm sending you later today.

The error description is system.unauthorizedaccess and is a .Net error.

I did some research to see if I could do something to make it work and found that is a user-rights issue.

While my Vista Laptops are the ones I use at work I have a user account set on them not an Administrator one.

So in my XP machine I managed to do the following:

1.Right click in the SharePod icon.
2.Select Run As...
3.Uncheck the box: "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity"
4.Click OK

SharePod run with no problems at all.

I guess the problem is somewhere in the "Copy to Ipod" OK button events.

Hope this helps to improve this killer app.

Regards from Mexico.

Fi156 said...

Yes, thats a great tool...

atm it doesn't work with my Nano 3G..

I think you do not mean with this entry my "problem", so i want to describe it here:

The procedure is the same as by dgg.

I can hear the music with sharepod and also downloading it.

But uploading music (or other Stuff) isn't possible.

When i'm trying to upload the files to the main directory the programm stops and shows an error: "Operation not allowed | Reason | You cannot remove the Master Playlist". Neither the "Copying window, nor the main window does react to any orders. ( You must close the programm with the Task Manager. )

By creating a new playlist, i'm getting the same error...

When i can help you by fixing this, you can contact me:

Regards from Germany

(Thats the reason for my poor english, sry. But i do my best to improve it ;-))

DGG said...

Hi all,

Just a little update on my previous comment.

Following the procedures described before I can use every function under XP.

Trying that same procedure in VISTA does not work. I can do anything but upload new tracks to my iPod.

fi156, are you running VISTA too?

Fi156 said...

Oh, ich forgott s. th.:

First tested system:
2,400+ AMD processor
1gb ddr2 ram
ati radeon 9500

and M$ XP Professional with SP 2 and of course net Framework 2.0

1,4000 AMD processor
412gb sdram ram
standart graphics

and M$ XP Home with SP 2 and of course net Framework 2.0

I could test it with other hardware (not with vista...), but I think the problem exists between the software and my Ipod...

einstein said...

This has probably been asked before but is it possible to still export M3U playlists on the new version of Sharepod. if so how?

I know you could do it on previous editions.


Brad said...

I was just wondering if there is any solution to my problem with the iPod touch. i cant get sharepod to reconize that its plugged in. any suggestion would be great, thanks