Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SharePod 3.6.2

SharePod 3.6.2 is available!

  • Fixed: Cant select songs from the menu on new iPods
  • Fixed: Drag/drop to playlists and playlist reordering
  • Fixed: Could not save when a track tag (eg. Artist) was made empty
  • Added: Workaround to not need admin rights when using SharePod with an older iPod. This will also solve the 'iPod Handle' errors for most people. See the Faq for more details.
I am aware of some issues with Vista/XP in non-admin mode for copying files to the iPod and will check it out.


Rich said...

Thanks for 3.6.2

I just uninstalled 3.6.1, dragged over 3.6.2, added some tracks, removed some and ejected. Alas, I don't see any difference in the selecting tracks problem. 8GB Nano 3G. Is there some special process I need to do to activate the new and deactivate the old behavior? OS=Win2K


Jeff said...

Hi rich,

could you send me an email and we'll work through why its still not working for you. I have heard it is working - obviously not in all cases!
jeff -

Jocelyn said...

Hi Jeff,

I'm switching over to sharepod from other ipod managers... no problems with my iPod classic, so thank you very much!

I'd still like to see WAV support soon, as I'm using WAV instead of Apple Lossless to keep files in lossless (in this case, original) form. Will WAV support be out soon?


richrag said...

I didn't see a email or mailto link when browsing around your pages. You can start the email by sending me one at rragan at the Big G dot com (you know who the Big G is). Just trying to keep the lid on my spam levels.

Bali S said...

Hi Jeff,

Not working with my 80Gb classic either. Still cant select the tracks... :( :( :(
Any hope?

Thecoldfear said...

Hello from Bosnia and Herezegowina, nice work ( share pod ) but I need this if you can make on share pod.

First I have problems when I want to drag songs to PC it drag only one, i need so much time if i want to drag 800 songs

Second problems I convert some videos and drag to Ipod and play on Ipod but no videos only music i can heard. I take itunes and work.

I hope you can fix that : ) and thanks a lot for this program

Steven said...

for some reason sharepod refuses to load now and i keep getting an error report message for Microsft. i've upgraded to new version of sharepod but this is the same :(

itunes isn't running and it has worked before - any ideas?