Monday, February 25, 2008

Artwork support coming to SharePod...

You won't be seeing it this week, but behind the scenes I'm working on adding Artwork support for SharePod! The first version will be read-only view of artwork, the following version will be full add/remove artwork.

I've got a working ArtworkDB parser, but haven't converted the binary images into anything viewable yet. Making progress though :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Vista issues

Regarding these (never-ending!) Vista issues, I have got a Vista machine up and running now, so in the next week I will be trying to replicate some of the crashes that have been reported.

I've just checked the stats - it was its busiest month in January with 47GB transferred!!

SharePod 3.6.4 + more

Hello everyone, its been a while since I've written about any updates! Christmas/New Years is usually pretty busy for me. Kate and I spent a week in Melbourne over new years. It was great fun and 42c several days in a row :)

Now things are back to normal, I've been making some significant changes to SharePod, and tonight (well morning, its 1.30am local time...) 3.6.4 is available.

So whats new? I've replaced my old mp3/m4a tag reading dlls (the sharepod_input.dll, in_mp3.dll, and mp4v2.dll with TagLib. This means SharePod can now import the Year, AlbumArtist, Album Track Count, Disc Number and Number of Discs properties.

It also means SharePod now supports importing .wav files :)

I have added [AlbumArtist] and [DiscNumber] to the available tags for copying music to PC.

Down the bottom of the SharePod window there is a space used/free indicator.

Its really hard to answer questions in the blog comments, so I've just created some SharePod forums on my site. Please ask questions/post bug reports/comments there!

Thats it for now - its bedtime