Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SharePod 3.6.2

SharePod 3.6.2 is available!

  • Fixed: Cant select songs from the menu on new iPods
  • Fixed: Drag/drop to playlists and playlist reordering
  • Fixed: Could not save when a track tag (eg. Artist) was made empty
  • Added: Workaround to not need admin rights when using SharePod with an older iPod. This will also solve the 'iPod Handle' errors for most people. See the Faq for more details.
I am aware of some issues with Vista/XP in non-admin mode for copying files to the iPod and will check it out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fix for iPod Classic / 3G Nano menus bug!

After lots of investigation, I have a working version of SharePod which doesn't break the menus on iPod Classics and 3G Nanos.

It will be out this week :)

Phew, Apple, that was a tricky one!