Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Good news! I was finally able to reproduce the hanging-when-copying files bug. Its now fixed and I will upload a new version ( tonight (NZ time!)

Edit: This is now available at the usual place...
  • Actually fixed the application hang bug when copying tracks to iPod
  • Added Multi-line grid row mode (cells wrap long content if necessary)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Version is available right now!
It addresses some of the most commonly raised issues
  • Dragging tracks to a playlist now preserves ordering and keeps current selection
  • Drop to Explorer now works properly and includes drop to Desktop
  • Hopefully fixed application hanging when copying files problem
  • Custom Copy to PC filename pattern now saved

To everyone who has been asking when the SharePod class library will be available, I hope to release it with some documentation this week. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Introducing ActionThis

I dont work on SharePod all the time. I appreciate your donations, but its really not enough to retire on just yet!

During the day, I work at Intergen, where we are working on ActionThis - a new Web 2.0 team collaboration application. It will be launched worldwide later this year. Its super cool, fun to use and helps actually get things done :)
Sign up for the newsletter at for more info and be involved in the beta!

Friday, May 18, 2007

SharePod 3.0 Released!

Phew, at long last SharePod 3.0 is available to download! I'm really happy with it, its the most significant release since 1.6 when the UI was redesigned.

I'm guessing the next week will be responding to bugs/install problems then im going to take a bit of a break :)

Feel free to comment with questions/issues/bugs etc, I check it regularly.

Enjoy, im off to sleep!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Heres a teaser of the new SharePod UI :) SharePod is ready to go out (its even all zipped up) but I just want to wait a day or two to investigate an issue one of my beta testers has. We're not sure if it is SharePod or his system yet but for the sake of a couple of days I think its worth it to wait and fix as many problems before the mass release as possible! thanks for comments

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

SharePod 3.0 Available Soon!

Well I've been working pretty hard on SharePod. (Most nights after work..!)
Rewriting from scratch always seems like a good idea at the start of the project but at the end it justs makes you realise how much the previous version did!!

The list of new features and fixes for old issues is quite large now, so the next mission will be re-doing the website as the info contained there will be out of date within a week!! Yep thats right, Im working towards releasing SharePod 3.0 into the wild within a week :)

The class library for integrating SharePod into your own applications will be available a couple of weeks after that (once I have had time to tidy it up and fix any immediate problems).

The notable thing which will be missing on release day is album art - it has been too much work to do it right now and I would rather release new features like that after a successful release :)

I did get video support working, so if you have a iPod-ready video (SharePod doesnt do video re-encoding, there are enough great apps to do that already) you can copy it onto your iPod just like a music file.

One feature I'm really happy about is the ability to drag files in SharePod and drop them straight into Explorer, just like WinZip!! This makes copying music/videos to your computer really easy. Of course you can drag files from Explorer back into SharePod too!

Thanks for everyones help and support so far, hope SharePod 3.0 lives up to expectations (I think it will..!)