Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please try out the 3.6.1 Beta

As promised, here is the SharePod 3.6.1 Beta. Please try it out if you have any of the following issues -
  • Running on a 64bit OS
  • Using an iPod Shuffle and getting an Xml error
  • System.ArgumentException on load
Either post your feedback as a comment to this post, or email me for more complex feedback :)


richrag said...

Works fine on 64-bit OS now (Windows Server 2003). Added files, deleted files, copied to iPod (3G Nano) and copied to PC and ejected iPod

Francisco Javier said...

No cambia de cancion la lista que se ha copiado al Ipod con el Sharepod. Las que se copian con el iTunes si cambia.

Jeff said...

Richrag, thanks for the feedback! Thats awesome :)

Marty said...

A couple of questions...I have a new iPod Classic Video and it works well on my unit. A couple things though:
1. Does iTunes create some type of a database file for videos so that when you stop in the middle of any video, and come back to it later, it will start where it left off? When I loaded videos via Sharepod and started and stopped a video, the video starts at the beginning when I restart it. Is that expected?
2. Is there album art support? Videos loaded via Sharepod come up on the iPod w/o a picture of the video - just a generic icon. When I load them from iTunes, they have a picture of the video's first scene.

Thank you for this great software.

rOOz said...

Can You add Cover Flow for ipod classic to sharepod ? is it possible ? regards ! 3.6.1 is very good on my ipod 160gb !! no problems.

LONG said...

Hi Jeff,

Tested the beta on Vista Ultimate x64 without any major problems so far. Only two items to report:

1) When you use eject function from sharepod, Vista complains about Sharepod having stopped working. Ipod is still shown as a removable drive but when clicking on the drive, you are prompted to insert a disk into disk 'L' (listed as L on my Vitsa x64)

2) Drag and drop copying to Ipod is not working whether or not Sharepod is being run as an Admin. Dragging from Ipod to Vista works though.

Oh and this is on a 1G Nano. Otherwise, great job now that I don't have to use Itunes again.

SMC said...

In an Ipod 5G 30gig the new version does not run, but a popup says:

"Could not obtain a handle to the iPod device".

Previos versions did work though. Hope this helps

Trish?!? said...

Your Sharepod doesn't support album artwork and lyrics, that's why I prefer itunes, can you please add this to your new version?

Jeff said...

smc, did Vista ask you to allow SharePod to run with Admin rights?

Emmanuel said...

I get an error "Could not obtain a handle to the iPod device."

What is the issue with this?

leesh said...

i have the new sharepod but when trying to copy my songs to my pc it only copies a very small amount of songs and has an X next to the rest of the songs saying "parameter is incorrect"
can someone please help me??

Alex said...

what a great program!! great work.
I have had three small issues with it though the major one is after adding songs to my new 80gb ipod, the shuffle songs function in the settings menu doesn’t work! I also get duplicate artists songs and albums! oh and drag and drop doesn’t work 4 me in vista (works well in XP). Anyway this program is great!!!

Jesse said...

I'm using this program with a 4gb Ipod mini and Windows Vista Home.

I cannot drag and drop to the Ipod, but I can drag and drop to my pc.

I cannot copy to ipod. I can select tracks and folders, but during the copy process I get an "Sharepod has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly" error and am prompted to close the program.

The program, if it runs right, looks awesome. Great job, just need to iron these kinks out. Thanks.

Kresimir said...

Computer magazine CHIP asks for permission to distribute "Sharepod" on its cover-cd

Please contact me



Bored-in-Basel said...

hi mate. thanks heaps for sharepod. i m spreading the word and people love it. unfortunately i only have a new gen nano video and am affected by the "cant select from menu bug"

i hope you can track this down :)

otherwise much love. your app is the best!!!

bigfreddy said...

I got an Ipod 40gb click weel and Sharepod is a great software, but everytime I connect the Ipod to Itune after I cannt use Sharepod. I have to wait till next update comes avilable. Now is happening that the last 2 updates didnt work and it sais "Could not obtain a handle to the iPod device".

Jeff said...

Jesse and Bored-in-Basel, could you please email me - I would like to work through the non-selectable menu bug

Jeff said...

bigfreddy, make sure you have administrator permissions. You will get that error if you dont.


bigman said...

Nice work on Sharepod, Jeff!
I'm now having trouble copying files to Ipod. Sharepod shuts down immediately but I can copy to PC.
It was working before.
I have vista and 80gb video ipod.
Thanks again.

bigman said...

i just realised that i have the same problem as Jessie, just for your info.

BadMange said...

Same problem as "smc" with 3.6.1 beta running on my 30gig 5G iPod Video connected to XP Pro SP2. SharePod starts up, then I get the following error message:

"SharePod Exception.

Reason: Could not obtain a handle to the iPod device."

Zincho said...

Nice work I tried in the nano works just great but is not working with the Touch

Wayfarer said...

Hi there,

First of all, thanks a lot for this nice tool. :-)

Now, the bad news. After upgrading from version 3.6 to 3.6.1 (by deleting everything except the config xml and copying the new version files), when SharePod initializes it aborts with the following message: "Could not obtain a handle to the iPod device."

I've read in a comment above that it may be because I don't have admin rights (btw, I started using SharePod because it didn't need admin rights to be installed)... but version 3.6 works fine for me. I've tried with v.3.6 upgrading just SharePodLib.dll to version and I get the same error, so I think the change that affects me is in there.

As I've said above, 3.6 works fine for me, so this is just to let you know the issue.


-- Wayfarer

P.D. More data:
OS: Windows XP SP2, updated to the latest patches.
.NET Framework: v2.0.50727
iPod: Nano 4GB

Wayfarer said...

Correction: in the comment above, where I say version 3.6 I mean version 3.5. That is the one I'm running.

-- Wayfarer

Merlintot said...

Hey Jeff,

First and foremost, I absolutely love Sharepod and recommend it to everybody I know. I love the ease of use aspect of it. I almost always grab the latest version that you release and tune in to you webpage often.

The only real thing missing (for me) is the transferring of pictures onto the Ipod?

Anyway any chance you can somehow incorporate Picture transfer? I don't know if it's possible but I feel that this is the only thing missing from Sharepod.

If you can somehow grant me this feature, I would be very impress and thankful.

Ok, I'll be tuning in man :). Thank you for your dedication and ingenuity.

Gearu said...

I have a version one shuffle. When I use sharepod, it resets the maximum volume(loudness) allowed. If I reset in Itunes it is back to normal. I just thought I would let you know.

Great product

Rogerio said...

Hi, I have an iPod Shuffle and the volume is so low that it's impossible to hear anything. I don't find any place to change the volume in Sharepod. Is anyone having the same problem ?

Jahmodi said...

HiI am getting an "Ipod Not Found" Message when I start Sharepod,can you tell me how to solve this?

Elmshire said...

Is this going to support album art?
Because everytime i upload mp3s (That are indeed tagged with album art, it never shows up once i have finished uploading.

Thanks for all your efforts BTW!!

Gavin said...

Is there a way to export the entire library from the Ipod and when it imports into iTunes, the playlists are preserved and contain no duplicates?

José Eduardo said...

thanks... this app is great... :) :) :)

lufc_ginge said...

How do,

Lovin your work with Sharepod Jeff as you know! Everything works fine...but.... i'm getting the problem with not being able to select songs(or albums) once one is already playing. [Classic 160g]
ps photo and/or album art support would be just spiffing Jeff!