Tuesday, May 1, 2007

SharePod 3.0 Available Soon!

Well I've been working pretty hard on SharePod. (Most nights after work..!)
Rewriting from scratch always seems like a good idea at the start of the project but at the end it justs makes you realise how much the previous version did!!

The list of new features and fixes for old issues is quite large now, so the next mission will be re-doing the website as the info contained there will be out of date within a week!! Yep thats right, Im working towards releasing SharePod 3.0 into the wild within a week :)

The class library for integrating SharePod into your own applications will be available a couple of weeks after that (once I have had time to tidy it up and fix any immediate problems).

The notable thing which will be missing on release day is album art - it has been too much work to do it right now and I would rather release new features like that after a successful release :)

I did get video support working, so if you have a iPod-ready video (SharePod doesnt do video re-encoding, there are enough great apps to do that already) you can copy it onto your iPod just like a music file.

One feature I'm really happy about is the ability to drag files in SharePod and drop them straight into Explorer, just like WinZip!! This makes copying music/videos to your computer really easy. Of course you can drag files from Explorer back into SharePod too!

Thanks for everyones help and support so far, hope SharePod 3.0 lives up to expectations (I think it will..!)


Lapin said...

I hope this new version lets us copy WAV files on the ipod, not just MP3's. Great stuff, I love Sharepod!

Powaking said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

This version wont support wav files (simply because I havent recieved many requests for it). If you want SharePod to support wav files, let me know (sharepod[at]sturm.net.nz)

Ali said...
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Ali said...

Will it be windows vista compatible?

Jeff said...

Yep it will be vista compatible

Powaking said...

Any ETA we can expect to see the new version? Screenies even?

Engineer said...

well ... i got a my lil angel new nano remastered and I am a big fan of sharepod since I discovered it 2 yrs. ago from a passerby on my tour to the usa, I decided to use it on my sister's nano.

the sharepod 2.1 is not recognising the fact that I am running it from the ipod drive.

also, you might want to note that using the previous edition , the ipod automatically updates and all the songs are wiped off simply because it was plugged into a computer and itunes was opened.

this might want to be looked into.

3rdly, i think you're doing a great job with the sharepod and you might want to include all music formats including ... .wav. .ogg .m4a and the likes because some formats are just not supported by sharepod.


Engineer Bola.

Jeff said...


sharepod 2.2 includes an update to support the newest version of iTunes. 2.1 will not work with 7.x onwards.

As for the music being wiped, if you are using iTunes and have 'auto-sync' turned on, thats exactly what its supposed to do. (Keep your iPod in line with your PC library). If you use other programs such as sharepod you should not be using auto-sync for this reason.

brem said...

My iPhone syncs with my iTunes at work and it still wipes some songs even though I'm not syncing the music from this location...