Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Version is available right now!
It addresses some of the most commonly raised issues
  • Dragging tracks to a playlist now preserves ordering and keeps current selection
  • Drop to Explorer now works properly and includes drop to Desktop
  • Hopefully fixed application hanging when copying files problem
  • Custom Copy to PC filename pattern now saved

To everyone who has been asking when the SharePod class library will be available, I hope to release it with some documentation this week. :)


SuzanB said...

Hi Jeff,
Been using the Sharepod just fine with the shuffles, but when I try to use it with an older Nano. I get the following message:

"The iPod database version is 17. The version must be 20 or above for SharePod to be able to update your iPod.

Please upgrade to iTunes 7.1 or above to access full SharePod functionality!"

It has let me put songs on it, but it won't let me delete anything. I get the same above messge. It also gives me the above message when I try to create a playlist and when I try to reorder some songs.

SuzanB said...

I need to add that I no longer have iTunes installed on my computer and I don't get that message with the shuffle.

PS--I like the new "look" of the program..

Thomas said...

My songs on my iPod got very low after using your program.. Any ideas?

Nic_nz said...
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Nic_nz said...

Cool works great now with adding songs to playlists and loads faster thanks

Jeff said...

Hi Suzan,

Your Nano has the same problem as your Shuffle did initially - it has not be used with iTunes 7.1+ so the iPod database is not fully compatible with SharePod 3.x

The easiest way like last time is to reinstall iTunes and get it to update your Nanos database.

jemimaescamilla said...


I'm using sharepod 3.3 and when i try to copy to pc I get a message that sais
"could not find part of the path 'F:\\ipod_control\music\f33\sjai.mp3'

and right under that it sais

"no files were copied"

help please!!

jemimaescamilla said...
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valantina said...

i finally suceeded in opening the sharpod in my computer but when i did it gave me this msg "The iPod database version (25) is not supported. All iPod update features are disabled."

plz help me, what should i do, i want to downloud music and now i have only17,and thats sad!
so plz HELP?