Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SharePod Progress Pt. 2

Well I've just realised its been over a week(!) since I last posted...its crazy how time can fly by sometimes.

I didnt have much time over the Easter break to work on SharePod, but here is the current status:

  • iPod Songs/Playlists reading and writing
  • Play Counts reading (the number of times / last time youve listened to a song). In SharePod 2 this file wasn't read, so if you didnt use iTunes, your Play Counts werent updated.
  • iPod Shuffle alpha support. I say alpha because (right now) I dont have a Shuffle to test it on, but I am writing the Shuffle database file correctly as far as I can tell.
As I said in a previous post, I am writing SharePod in 2 parts - the iPod functionality and then the actual SharePod application over the top of it.

The application part of this I haven't really started on, but will be concentrating on this soon so I can start alpha testing it on my own iPods properly.

There is no particular release date in my mind yet, but I want to work solidly on it for the next 2 weeks at which point I hope to be able to release. Probably not feature complete, but something more usable and stable than the current versions.

If there are any UI designers out there who have great ideas for the direction of the SharePod UI send me an email! (


SuzanB said...

Hey, glad you're making progress! This is from the school in Barrackville, West Virginia. I have a bunch of 7th graders who keep asking me when the Sharepod will be ready to use with their Shuffles. I figured that you would be busy over the holiday, though. Check out our website at
Keep up the great work!

william said...

great work. i just use sharepod and it help me well. thank you. greeting from indonesia

Eddy said...

hey, my name is eddy and sharepod is a very good program. I use it everyday, and i'm waiting for the new version of sharepod because i have an apple ipod video and the new sharepode version gonna be better than the latest version. thank you for making this for us!!!!
greeting from paris, FRANCE!!!

ryan said...

love sharepod!! Ive already mentioned before but I hope i see it in the future the ability to make a complete backup of the ipod!

Ive had 3 of them now that have gone into SadMac mode... Ive tried all of the makeshift fixes including dropping it from 2-3 feet and that actually works surprisingly well!

I dont have a good list of all the songs on it and some of them are pretty hard to find. Id love to be able to do a 1-click backup and do that every once in a while so I will always have all my songs!

Thanks again Jeff!

Great program

Ralph said...

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to say - thank you so much for SharePod! I love it. It does everything I want* perfectly, and naturally, it kicks the shit out of That Ghastly Proprietary i-Programme Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned. :-) Kudos, Jeff!


(*except tag editing on the iPod itself...)

Maniaque said...

Hi there, not sure if this will get read as it joins the bottom of the comment pile, but I would be VERY interested in a .Net 2.0 library for IPod access - I'm trying to write a tool to keep my music properly synchronized and tagged across all my computers and devices, and my wife's ipods are still the big black hole - the only possible mechanism to keep them updated is lots of manual copying at this point, using 3rd-party UI programs like SharePod.

Tell me if there;s anything I can do to help!


gracie said...

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