Monday, April 2, 2007

SharePod Version 3 Progress

I've been working on SharePod v.3 for about 3 nights now. (I work during the day and usually busy in the weekend so nights are all I have..)

Progress so far has been really good, its coming together so much faster than the original SharePod 1.0, where every part of the iPod's internal database had to be investigated. Although there will be no current-version SharePod code in Version 3, all the logic has been transferrable to the new codebase.
I have a fully working iTunesDB parser which is built from the start to allow easy reading and writing. The current codebase by comparison had the write ability hacked on top, so there were some things it was just too hard to support (editing of song tags, for example)

The next step is finish the writing part of the code - right now it just writes back the file as it reads it, but it should take into account new songs added/removed, tags changed and playlists modified.

Once that is done (hopefully tonight), the plan is:
- Playcounts file parser (to update the number of times a song has been played etc)
- Artwork file parser (to read the album art descriptions)
- Code to actually read, display and import the iPod-formatted artwork
- iPod Shuffle file reading/writing
- Video import

While I am doing all this, I am also trying to come up with a sensible API to expose to other programs wanting to use SharePod functionality! So the next few weeks will be busy ones!


Gary Ho said...

I am a Chinese. There are some problem in showing Chinese or Japanese. It cause a serious problem when exporting a large amount of songs.

MyNameIs said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to finally get rid of I-Tunes and use SharePod with my shuffle.

Good work, keep it up!

gracie said...

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