Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SharePod 3.8.1

This is a bug fix release. You only need to get this if you are having these following problems:

  • Unable to delete track because missing ArtworkDB
  • XmlException while loading a Shuffle


Ray Barretto said...

Hey, downloaded the latest 3.8.1 and "VOILA", I can access my daughter's iPod shuffle. Thanks very much. You and this software ROCK!

Jeff said...

Hi Ray,

great :) It can be hard to know if I have definitely fixed some of these problems - without having a Shuffle on my desk its a bit of guesswork :)

Could you run SharePodUtility and run the Diagnostics information? Paste the output into a comment here or send me an email -

Daniela said...

Hi Jeff,
thank you very much for this very useful software!!!


Jordan said...

Hi Jeff. Thank you for continuing to update this awesome awesome awesome software.

Usually, I have no problems at all with it, but when I launch sharepod.exe, it begins to load and then I get a popup: "StarRating must be between 0 and 5 stars. Given value: -5." When I click OK, the software shuts down.

Any tips?

Jeff said...


Dont know how you managed to get a star rating below 0!

In the next version, if this is the case it will convert anything less than 0 to 0. :)

Jordan said...

Neither do I! Pretty weird.

rene said...

I wish the copy to PC or Backup Ipod function would allow me to change the format in which files where save for example:

"Title, Artist, Album and Genre" in that order.

The options provided always make me have to spend a lot of time editing the columns afterwards.

Otherwise, I LOVE this software and have never looked back at ITunes again.