Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SharePod 3.8 released

3.8 is out:
  • Add/remove album artwork
  • Videos now auto-resume from last position
  • Shuffles should now work again
  • Videos dont play in random mode in the media player


polvadis said...

Thanks so much for this update. Just started playing with the cover art and so far it works flawlessly. I like the "Wii Button" on there. I did my part with that also, hope you get it.

Thanks again.

polvadis said...

So... I've been adding artwork like crazy for the past hour or so.

If I may suggest something for a future release:
I have a lot of music in their album folders with their artwork included as a .jpg file. At this time when I drag over the folder, Sharepod copies over all of the music fine but when it gets to the JPG it says "unsupported file" and doesn't copy. It would be simply awesome if it grabbed the JPG as well and automatically set it as the Artwork file.


Jeff said...

Hey polvadis - glad its all working for you :)

if there is a folder.jpg in the same folder as the mp3, sharepod will attach it the mp3.

in a future release ill look at a more advanced version which will look for any jpg, or embedded artwork in the mp3 file.

Chris said...

Jeff, I posted on your forum. Could you post some code to show how to extract artwork from track and also to add artwork to track for SharePodSDK. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There is a problem in SharePod 3.8. I can't delete songs. Something about artworks is the error message.

Vladimir said...

Yep, on delete: 'iPod ArtworkDB not found. You cannot add or remove artwork.'.

N30Sniip3r said...

i get a system null error

SJ said...

iPhone is still not working.
With iPhoneFS i get following error:

System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
bei SharePodLib.Parsers.Helpers.a(String A_0, String A_1)
bei a.a(BaseDatabaseElement A_0)
bei a.b(BaseDatabaseElement A_0)
bei k.d()
bei SharePodLib.IPod..ctor(String A_0, DeviceProfile A_1, IPodLoadAction A_2)
bei SharePodLib.IPod.GetConnectediPod(IPodLoadAction action)
bei q.a()

ithinkyoureamazing said...

SharePod is the best. I like you better than most of my friends.

Ray Barretto said...

Thanks so much for this application, so much better and faster than iTunes. I have a nano 3g and it works flawlessly with it. I downloaded and started using 3.8 last night and had issues using it with my daughter's 1st gen. shuffle. I separated the 2 instances of sharepod by creating 2 separate folders and files, 1 for my nano and one for the shuffle. I am getting the following error when launching the app with the shuffle connected:
System.Xml.XmlException: '.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 121, position 1.
at k.e()
at k.d()
at SharePodLib.IPod..ctor(String A_0, DeviceProfile A_1, IPodLoadAction A_2)
at SharePodLib.IPod.GetConnectediPod(IPodLoadAction action)
at q.a()
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

Lester Burnham said...

Since 3.8, same error described in ray barretto's post.

Environment: WinXP Pro SP2, iPod Shuffle - both in an US and in an Italian XP installations.

Thank you!

tito said...

thank you for this wonderful piece of software, best choice for new ipod classic and win2000...

i was waiting for album art support, but with the 3.8 release (not with the previous) i got this:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at ai.d()
at SharePodLib.IPod..ctor(String A_0, DeviceProfile A_1, IPodLoadAction A_2)
at SharePodLib.IPod.GetConnectediPod(IPodLoadAction action)
at q.a()


gumma said...

Thanks for the program, but I have an iPod Shuffle (2nd Gen) and when I run Sharepod 3.8 it exits with this error message:

"A System.Xml.XmlException error occurred

System.Xml.XmlException: '.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 138, position 1.
at k.e()
at k.d()
at SharePodLib.IPod..ctor(String A_0, DeviceProfile A_1, IPodLoadAction A_2)
at SharePodLib.IPod.GetiPodByDrive(String driveLetter, IPodLoadAction action)
at q.c()
at SharePod.SharePodWindow.OnShown(EventArgs e)"

Poke89 said...

First, let me say that I love Sharepod, and have been using it for a few versions now.

However, I have run into a small problem with the newest version. When I add a band who has the word 'The' in their name, Sharepod does not ignore the word 'The' when sorting. For example, 'The Beatles' would be sorted in the T's instead of the B's.

It's not a big problem, but I have a lot of bands that are affected by this and was wondering if anybody knew how to fix it.


ajsmithiii said...

Hello all... first time user and i have been trying to install the sharepod 3.8. However i am having problems... I already install the The problem is installing the sharepod.exe. My computer is saying (unable to locate DLL and that the mscoree.dll could not be found... and then all this other stuff). I tried installing .Net Framework 2.0 and that to is not installing properly... this told me i need to install 3.0 first before i install 2.0. Please can someone help me. Thanks!

Ray Barretto said...

ajsmithiii, what OS are you running? Do you have any version of .Net Framework installed currently?

ajsmithiii said...

I have windows 2000... do not think i have any .Net versions yet... i tried to install both of them 2.0 and 3.0 but had problem installing both

Ray Barretto said...

Hey, AJ...for ease of communication, can you either e-mail me directly at or possibly we can chat via instant messenger?

ajsmithiii said...


Paul said...

This version works wonders for me.
It fixed the problem I had with 3.6 too.
It would be wonderful if you did get it to look for embedded artwork (and remember to get this to override the folder.jpg in the folder if there is one there *and* embedded artwork at the same time).

Rand said...

I have tried to connect with sharepod to itouch but no luck seems itouch is not recognized as a drive

B said...

I've been using SharePod for quite a while now and totally love it (one of the original early users!). However, for some odd reason I'm still not able to re-order any songs within my playlist?
For example... I have three songs by Taylor Swift that were loaded into my 2gb Nano via SharePod at different times (along with a bunch of other songs). I'd like to re-order those three songs so that they're consecutively together within that playlist. As it is now, if I want to listen to her songs all in a row, I'd have to listen to one, then skip ahead a few songs to the next, then skip ahead a few songs again for the next one.

Basically, even with v3.8 I can't "drag 'n drop" any songs within any of my playlists to re-order / re-organize them. Is there something I'm missing here? Any info or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch, guys! :)

technorantia said...

I'm dying for the video auto-resume feature, but currently experiencing the same problems as many other people with v3.8:

- unable to eject iPod, button greyed out;
- unable to delete files, get the "iPod ArtworkDB not found" error.

apart from that, great app. :)

technorantia said...

addendum to the above: workaround for the moment is to revert to v3.7 on the iPod itself and run v3.8 from the PC when loading initially. this allows video auto-resume tagging to be applied (and the eject feature works) and still have v3.7 onboard for use when not at home.

Michael Pekker said...

Appreciate your software improvements. SharePod featured review is published:

Really nice utility!

Jeff said...

hey guys, thanks for the feedback, there will be a bugfix version out tomorrow for the 'ArtworkDB not found' error and the XmlException on Shuffles :)

Firebird said...

hi jeff, love your little app, just for the sheer fact it now supports artwork i have donated, keep the good work up!!.


brian said...

This may be relevant to some sharepod users... If you are having problems as i was with the "ArtworkDB not found" error, simply open up iTunes, make sure that under your ipod options that "Enable Disk Use" and "Manually Manage Music" are enabled, then under the music tab on your iPod in iTunes, make sure "Display Album Artwork on iPod" is checked if it applies to your ipod.

docbill said...

I tried using this program to connect to my ipod shuffle, but the program just displays "Please Wait." "Searching for iPod..." It never seems to find the iPod Shuffle.

Nicolas said...
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Nicolas said...

Thanks for this release.
IT is a very 'simple' and small program, compared to itunes/floola, yamipod and other.... but I'm still impressed with its speed and powerfull options that I could not find in other programs (custom columns and 'sorted by', extract to pc with custom names, etc....)

However, I have a small bug (XP SP3 French): When I copy/Past a field (ex: I copy the artist name to paste it in the AlbumArtist field), it copies the complete line in the field instead of just the chosen value (hope its clear).

At least, one question: Is there any way to synchronise an Ipod with Itunes without loosing the tracks previously uploaded to the ipod with Sharepod ?

John said...

Sharepod is free. I think thats too expensive. Looks like someones first year college project. I does not work with Ipod shuffle. To ask anyone in "the community" for help I need to pay $10. Buwahahahahaha ...


ArchiVision said...

Their is already a new version, SharePod 3.9.6 with some new features and bugs fixed. You can find more info and the download link on: