Friday, February 8, 2008

SharePod 3.6.4 + more

Hello everyone, its been a while since I've written about any updates! Christmas/New Years is usually pretty busy for me. Kate and I spent a week in Melbourne over new years. It was great fun and 42c several days in a row :)

Now things are back to normal, I've been making some significant changes to SharePod, and tonight (well morning, its 1.30am local time...) 3.6.4 is available.

So whats new? I've replaced my old mp3/m4a tag reading dlls (the sharepod_input.dll, in_mp3.dll, and mp4v2.dll with TagLib. This means SharePod can now import the Year, AlbumArtist, Album Track Count, Disc Number and Number of Discs properties.

It also means SharePod now supports importing .wav files :)

I have added [AlbumArtist] and [DiscNumber] to the available tags for copying music to PC.

Down the bottom of the SharePod window there is a space used/free indicator.

Its really hard to answer questions in the blog comments, so I've just created some SharePod forums on my site. Please ask questions/post bug reports/comments there!

Thats it for now - its bedtime


suber said...

Can you tell us if you have plans to make it compatible with the Iphone in a future version?

Thanks in advance

polvadis said...

Hi. I've used SharePod on my iPod Photo and it worked great. However, last night I got a brand new 80gb iPod Classic and I keep getting the "iTunesDB file not found". I haven't used this iPod with iTunes at all. Is that the problem? Do I need to run iTunes on it at least once for SharePod to work?

Thank you for your good work.

Jeff said...

Suber - yes, I am working on that with a couple of lucky people with iPhones at the moment :)

Polvadis - currently, yes the iPod needs to be initialised with iTunes. The next version should hopefully get rid of this annoying limitation!

Feoktist said...

Does SharePod support Ipod Nano with latest firmware version 1.1?

Mary said...

I used an older version of sharepod on my 80 classic, since then my computer was wiped so i had to start over so I got the new version (3.6.4) I installed this on both my cpu and ipod. However when I try to use it it gives me a "failed to initialize ... 00135" error. Any suggestions? Thank you very much for your great product.

Mary said...

I have used an older version of your product with my Ipod about a month ago. However I had to reformat my pc since then and now with the new version on both my Ipod and my PC I get a "failed to initialized ... 000135" error message. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your work!