Thursday, September 13, 2007

SharePod is on (again!)

SharePod is on another post!

The article is about the Top 10 freeware applications that everyone should know about. A friend pointed it out to me a couple of hours ago, and in that short space of time the post has had another 1000 diggs :) Its not the first time it has featured on, but this is the most popular post so far.

So, please go and digg the story, see if it can make it to the front page!


Alinutza said...

Congratulations Jeff! I already digg it and I added SharePod on ITerating too. Here it is : (maybe you want to make some modifications as I added only what I knew)

QueenKatofTypos said...

I can't find any other way to contact you, so here -

SharePod may not work with the newest iPods.