Monday, July 30, 2007

SharePod 3.4

  • Multi-column sorting
  • Better support for old iPods
  • Hopefully fixed occasional drag-drop not working bug


Jason said...

Heya Jeffrey..

have used the 3.4 pgm to backup my ipod... What i did was, in the main master, i right click and save to PC. It saved al my files, but when i had a look at the xml file, there wasn't any mention of the separate playlists that i have (7).. Would this affect the transfering of the songs and playlists back to the iPod?


Jeff said...

Are you sure the playlists were there? They will probably be right at the bottom of the file. Send me the file and I'll check it out if youre not sure.

Kitine said...

Hi Jeff,
I'm trying to use the latest version of SharePod but get a weird message when launching: "iPod database version not supported" Reason: "expected mhdp section with length 16 but found 0"
Then SharePod closes.
Any idea ?
I precise that it's the 1st ever I use it.
And it's on a PC (XP SP2) where iTunes is not installed.
Thanks for your help!

Kitine said...

Hi Jeff,

I've downloaded the version 3.4 on 06/27 and haven't noticed that the version had just been changed 2 days after. Now, it works fine !
Great job really !!!!


Jeff said...

Thanks :) I know when I've made a bug because I suddenly get a couple of hundred emails about the same thing! (Which really makes me want to fix it quickly hehe)

Dakotagts said...


I use my ipod to hold photos. Is there any way you can integrate the photo manager?

Artformation said...

I second that... a photo manager would be swell. I would assume that's a major amount of code to add. Too bad I'm a web developer and not a software programmer... otherwise I would send you the code myself!

Ronaldo said...

maybe a separated program to manage photos, add and delete. not sync, like itunes do.

searching in google, i can't find any program that do this. so, i assume that it's a hard task to do or no one are interested. :/

Richard said...

SharePod 3.4 is fantastic and very nearly replaces iTunes for me. I'd love to see an AutoFill feature though.

Plus, I have a problem (also reported by Phil on July 12) where the maximum volume is restricted after using SharePod. I have a 1st gen shuffle. Using tools like euPod (which adjusts the gain per track) doesn't have any effect. Is this a 'feature' of SharePod?

If you could sort the volume issue I'd definitely be willing to part with some cash for SharePod!

Elmshire said...

Hi Jeff!
Stumbled on your app by accident!
Must say, its going to replace itunes altogether AND Anapod!
One thing, video support (i have a 5th gen vid), you say its supported but im not sure how to copy videos across to my ipod.
Any suggestions?
Congrats on a great app, its nice to see a kiwi developer (im in OZ an all i deal with are aussie coders!)
Top stuff mate


JBoy said...

Hi Jeff

I've tried using SharePod 3.4 to copy the entire master playlist (also tried to copy one at a time) from my ipod to pc (no itunes installed) but only the same first 130 tracks are copied each time i try it - the rest have 'file not copied - parameter incorrect' message in the copy log window.

Any ideas what's going on & how to sort this issue?

Thanks for your help,

Rev. Ragnarok said...

Hi Jeff,

SharePod looks like a good program, but I cannot use it yet. I have an ancient iPod 15GB 3G which has never seen iTunes. I have used ephPod until now, but that seems to be unsupported now. Anyway, the error I get is "(Error at 0x12C)

- Expected mhit section with length 212, but found length 156."

Any ideas?

- RR

tagyourit_1 said...

So SharePod is great! and i am glad it exists the only problem i see is that the old version had all my songs showing up even the ones i bought from iTunes but the new version doesn't show the ones i bought from iTunes is there a way i can fix this???

El Jefe said...

Hi Jeff,

Just downloaded Sharepod 3.4 last nite. Everything seems good. I just made one quick observation. Whenever i try to delete a playlist I created in Sharepod, I get an error message saying something like

'A System.NullReferenceException error occured'

and it seems to be some sort of coding stated below.

I was just wondering if it was just me.

Devin said...

Hey Jeff, great program you have really saved me a lot of stress and trouble haha. But I do have one problem that I can't figure out. When copying a movie file to the ipod the program freezes and becomes non-resposive, and it is the right type of file as well.

Elliot said...

Hi Jeff,

I tried using sharepod 3.4 with my 3rd gen nano. I copied an mp3 file from my computer to the nano and after I exited sharepod all my music was gone on the ipod. Is sharepod 3.4 not compatible with the 3rd gen nano?


TallAssRob said...

Hey Jeff,
I'm trying to use your 3.4 but it doesn't seem to recognize my iPod even though it's plugged in.

My iPod version is 3.1.1 and I have the newest software from iTunes, when I try to open sharepod it says there is no valid iPod attached to the computer.

thejtluv2 said...

Hey Jeff,

Love the program, just discovered it today. Is there a way to change the order of existing songs via the software, that will then play in that order on the ipod when disconnected?


celahir said...

hi jeffrey,

maybe you can help me when i want to remove songs from my ipod with sharepod 3.4 sharepod::! a system.IO file not found exception error occured i'ts not whit all the songs

please help me:(