Thursday, June 14, 2007

SharePodLib Released

SharePodLib, a .NET class library for interacting with an iPod has been released today :)

SharePodLib is for developers only - if you are writing an application in .NET and want to be able to read and update an iPod, SharePodLib will save you weeks of work!

SharePod itself is written on top of SharePodLib, and with 25,000 downloads in the last month alone has proven to be reliable with only minor bugfixes needed.

Best of all, its free for non-commerical usage!

If you wish to use SharePodLib for a commercial product, or want to remove the loading screen, please email for licencing details.

SharePodLib page
SharePodLib documentation

1 comment:

Kir said...

perhaps this isn't the right place for this, but as there is no forum that I can see.. it ends up here.

I've read that sharepod works over the network, but it seems when I share my ipod drive and map it to a network drive (even on my own computer) I recieve a SecurityException in the DriveInfo class constructor (caused by the Demand() method).

Of course it seems like more of an IT issue, but the share itself has full permissions for everyone, and ipod drives cannot have actual security permissions. Maybe in the next version you could address this issue, or at least prompt for credentials and do an Impersonate User